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Funders' data plan requirements

Below is an abstract of UK funders' requirements for data plans:

Summary of UK research funders' expectations for the content of data management and sharing plans (PDF)

The DCC also provides full details on funders' data policies.


AHRC: A technical plan is required, where digital outputs or digital technologies are an essential part to the planned research outcomes. This should give a summary of those outputs, explain the technical methodology, technical support / experience, and address preservation, sustainability and use.

BBSRC: A data sharing plan is required, which may include details of: data areas, types and formats; standards and metadata; secondary use; methods for data sharing; and timeframes for release. Guidance is available under 'Data Sharing Areas' on p7 of the BBSRC Data Sharing Policy.

CRUK: CRUK asks researchers to submit a data sharing plan, covering various themes as outlined in its data sharing guidelines.

EPSRC: The EPSRC does not require data management or sharing plans, but expects data to be preserved and shared - see the EPSRC data policy.

ESRC: ESRC grant applicants who plan to generate data are responsible for preparing and submitting data management and sharing plans for their research projects as an integral part of the application. Details of what to include in plans are noted in paragraph 18 of the research data policy.

MRC: A data management plan should be provided at the proposal stage, as per the MRC guidelines on Data Sharing. A template is provided explaining what to include. This covers a description of the data, data collection, data management, data security, data sharing and responsibilities. 

NERC: A mandatory, single page, Outline Data Management Plan (ODMP) is required for all grant and fellowship applications, as per the NERC guidelines. Where appropriate, a full DMP will also be written in collaboration with the NERC Environmental Data Centres.

STFC: Data management plans are expected for projects that will result in the production or collection of scientific data. STFC guidelines recommends that eight areas should be addressed.

Wellcome Trust: Data sharing plans should address seven key questions as clearly and concisely as possible, as noted in the Trust's Guidance for researchers: Developing a data management and sharing plan

British Heart Foundation: As a Condition of Grant, all grant holders (with the exception of BHF Chairs, Infrastructure Grants, Strategic Initiatives and BHF Centres of Research Excellence or Centres of Regenerative Medicine) will need to submit outcome data to the British Heart Foundaion using Researchfish, their research evaluation system. Safeguards should be in place to respect the confidentiality of patients, while also ensuring that medical researchers can gain access to patient data within a secure environment. How to apply

International Funders

European Commission Horizon 2020: Applicants and recipients of subsidies can find the Data Management Policy in the document Guidelines on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 2020

US National Science Foundation: Proposals submitted or due on or after 18 January 18 2011, must include a supplementary document of no more than two pages labeled 'Data Management Plan'. This supplementary document should describe how the proposal will conform to NSF policy on the dissemination and sharing of research results