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Darwin Core


Apple Core

Darwin Core documentation and recommendations for herbaria.

Darwin Core Geospatial Extension

A protocol-independent XML schema for a geospatial extension to the Darwin Core.

DwC Germplasm

An extension to the Darwin Core standard, it includes additional terms required to describe plant genetic resources and in particular germplasm seed samples.


Darwin Core Archive Assistant

A web application that offers data publishers wishing to serve to the GBIF network an easy interface for describing data elements as basic text files, composing an appropriate XML Darwin Core descriptor file to accompany them.

Darwin Core Archive Validator

A tool to validate XML metadata against the Darwin Core Text Guidelines.

Integrated Publishing Toolkit

A software platform using Darwin Core and EML to facilitate the efficient publishing of biodiversity data on the Internet, using the GBIF network.

Use Cases

Atlas of Living Australia

An aggregation of information on all the known species in Australia, collected from museums, herbaria, community groups, government departments, individuals and universities. All data is converted to Darwin Core.

GBIF - Global Biodiversity Information Facility

Established by a global network of countries and organizations, GBIF is a web portal promoting and facilitating the mobilization, access, discovery and use of biodiversity data. The preferred format for publishing data to the GBIF network is the Darwin Core Archive, and its Integrated Publishing Toolkit uses EML as its data standard.

OBIS - Ocean Biogeographic Information System

A data repository for marine species datasets from all of the world's oceans; it uses an extension of Darwin Core 2 as its data standard.


A web portal using Darwin Core to describe biodiversity data collected in Madagascar.


Four distributed database networks (MaNIS, HerpNET, ORNIS and FishNet) using a Darwin Core engine to make bioinformatics specimen data interoperable, mappable and publicly available.