Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata: PREMIS Tutorial

17 - 18 July 2006
Wolfson Medical Building, University of Glasgow


We delivered a two-day tutorial to introduce the PREMIS preservation metadata data dictionary.

Metadata can play a vital role in enabling the effective management, discovery, and re-usability of digital information. Preservation metadata provides provenance information, documents preservation activity, identifies technical features, and aids in verifying the authenticity of a digital object. The PREMIS Working Group released its Data Dictionary for Preservation metadata in June 2005 (Data Dictionary for Preservation metadata [external PDF, 3.3MB]). This is a core set of metadata elements recommended for use in all preservation repositories regardless of the type of materials archived and the preservation strategies employed.

See the programme [PDF, 37KB]

Workshop Presentations and Documents

Objects Exercise One

Objects Exercise Two

Agents, Rights and Events [PPT, 146KB]

Events Exercise One

Implementation Issues [PPT, 394KB]


Bibliography [PDF, 53KB]

Benefits of Attendance

This tutorial benefited individuals and institutions interested in implementing PREMIS metadata for the long-term management and preservation of their digital information.


The tutorial covered both the PREMIS Data Dictionary and practical implementation issues. It provided a walk-through of the data dictionary on 17 July and focused on XML rendering on 18 July. Both days included hands-on exercises. This event also allowed PREMIS implementers to share their experiences through short case studies.

Tutorial sessions included:

  • Introduction to the PREMIS Object Model
  • Walk through PREMIS Objects, Events, Rights and Agents
  • Implementation issues
  • XML Schemas for representing Data Dictionary elements
  • Real-life examples of implementation from UK institutions


This event was held at the Wolfson Medical Building, University of Glasgow. Travel information, campus and city maps are available [external].


A list of the hotels within walking distance of the University of Glasgow [external]. Additional accommodation options can be found at the Greater Glasgow & Clyde Valley Tourist Board website [external].


Registration fees were £100 for DCC Associates Network members and £150 for non-members.

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