IDCC15 What do we need? - Gathering RDM infrastructure requirements.

An IDCC event report on the Birds of a Feather session: Collecting research data management requirements, how can we collate experiences?

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DCP and DAF collaboration

The DCC is pleased to announce that we are involved in an IMLS grant with the Data Curation Profiles team at Purdue University Libraries. 

We came together through our shared interest in engaging researchers to identify their support requirements for Research Data Management. We had ideas for a reusable questionbank based on the various surveys that people had developed when they were implementing the DCC's Data Asset Framework, and found big overlaps with plans for taking forward the Data Curation Profiles toolkit. 

We plan to build a tool to bridge the gap between data producers and data curators, and join up the active phases of data mangagement with the longer-term curation and preservation activities.


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Screencasting - what do you think?

We're trying out new ways to communicate our resources better at the DCC and are keen to know what you think.

Image from lfs.learningcentre CC-BY-SA

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Tools of the Trade Workshop: Save the Date

The DCC is delighted to announce that we will be holding two of our Tools of the Trade workshops to introduce users to the newly refined Data Asset Framework (DAF) and Assessing Institutional Digital Assets (AIDA) toolkits. The events will take place May 19 2010 at the Manchester Conference Centre directly following the JISC RDMI Progress workshop. Further details will be released shortly.

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