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Developing institutional data policies: trend for 2012

The DCC is supporting a number of UK universities with research data management and top of the wishlist for most is a data policy. The EPSRC policy framework is often cited a key driver. We’re also seeing lots of policy development courtesy of the new JISC Managing Research Data programme, so predict this will be a key trend in 2012.


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Tools for data management planning

The DCC ran a workshop at IDCC which brought together the teams that have developed the UK and US data management planning tools: DMPonline and DMP Tool.

The workshop initially looked at the data policies in each country that define requirements for data management and sharing plans. After coffee we had a demo of each of the tools and discussed future development plans.

Image: Creative Commons licenced by CC-BY Henry Swanson 420

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Researcher perspectives at #idcc11

Summary of presentations in the researcher perspectives session at #idcc11

Give Researchers Credit for All of Their Research
Mark Hahnel, FigShare, Digital Science
Reproducible Research
Victoria Stodden, Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Columbia University
Data Use Attribution and Impact Tracking
Heather Piwowar, DataONE post doc with NESCent

Photo (c) Tim Gander

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Incentivising data sharing

The theme for #rdmf7 was incentivising data management and sharing. We had an impressive line up of speakers, matched by an equally exciting and engaged audience.

Front page image: 'Sharing' by furiousgeorge81. CC-BY-NC-ND

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New DCC guide to citing datasets

The DCC has released a guide entitled 'How to cite datasets and link to publications'.

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Incentivising Data Management and Sharing

The next Research Data Management Forum, the seventh in the series, is set to tackle the challenging theme of how best to incentivise researchers so that they will be motivated to manage and share their data.

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FigShare: publish all your data

“It’s amazing what you can accomplish as a diversion to your PhD.” This was Les Carr’s opening gambit as the questions started for Mark Hahnel of FigShare after he presented at the repository fringe. It was very inspiring, a highlight of the event. 

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Sharing research data to improve public health: A joint statement of purpose

A group of major international funders of public health research have committed to work together to increase the availability of data emerging from our funded research, in order to accelerate advances in public health. A joint statement of purpose sets out the principles and goals through which our organisations will work to further this shared vision.

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PARSE-insight conclusions on European science data infrastructure published

The European project PARSE.Insight has released its final recommendations for the science data infrastructure in Europe with ten major insights into research and researcher behaviours. These reveal major differences between European countries in their methods for dealing with research data, as well as a critical analysis of researchers' attitudes towards data sharing.

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