Preparing to deliver FAIR policy engagement and skills using RISE

As the FAIR data principles gain traction among policy makers, organisations need to build competence centres that strengthen their engagement with researchers on FAIR data stewardship. Participants in this workshop will learn about the RISE framework* and help shape its further development as a self-assessment tool for services to support change towards a FAIR data culture. The session focuses specifically on skills, and uses RISE in conjunction with FAIR4S, a framework for FAIR data stewardship skills development.

Seven rules of successful research data management in universities

Guardian Higher Education Network Blog post offering 'Seven rules of successful research data management in universities' by Sarah Jones, DCC and Simon Hodson, Jisc 

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RDM at Monash University

The DCC is pleased to release a case study on the improvement of Research Data Management at Monash University. We're very grateful to Sam Searle, Anthony Beitz, Wilna Macmillan and Andrew Harrison for their input to this.

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Register for the Dundee roadshow

Registration for the Dundee roadshow is now open!

The event takes place on 5-6 December in the Library and Learning Centre, University of Dundee.

Further information, including a draft programme, is available on the event page.

Register here to join us in Dundee!

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A Wellcome development?

The Wellcome Trust has announced that it will be strengthening the manner in which it enforces its open access policy. With immediate effect, failure to comply with the policy, which since 2006 has required that all research papers funded by the Trust should be made available through UK PubMed Central, could result in final grant payments being withheld and non-compliant papers discounted in future grant applications.



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ANDS & the DCC

After giving a presentation on DMPonline at the Future Perfect conference, Martin and I visited ANDS staff in the Canberra and Mebourne offices.  We had some great discussions, sharing common ground and learning from each other's lessons.

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Developing a roadmap for RDM

We trialled a new session at the Loughborough roadshow on developing data policy and services. This ended with an excerise on producing an RDM roadmap, as the EPSRC requirement to do this by May 2012 is uppermost on many people's minds.

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Developing institutional data policies: trend for 2012

The DCC is supporting a number of UK universities with research data management and top of the wishlist for most is a data policy. The EPSRC policy framework is often cited a key driver. We’re also seeing lots of policy development courtesy of the new JISC Managing Research Data programme, so predict this will be a key trend in 2012.


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