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Tips for institution-wide data management planning

A report on one of the break out sessions on institution-wide approaches to data management held during the JISC Managing Research Data programme meeting, 1-2 December 2011.

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Northampton research data policy

The University of Northampton research data policy is now available online.

Miggie Pickton spoke at the last RDMF about data management initiatives at the University of Northampton and how their policy was developed. You can see her slides on the event page.

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IDCC11 Preview: An interview with David Lynn

In the second of our preview posts ahead of the 7th International Digital Curation Conference, we talk to David Lynn, Head of Strategic Planning and Policy at the Wellcome Trust, about what he views to be the key issues surrounding the conference....

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Incentivising data sharing

The theme for #rdmf7 was incentivising data management and sharing. We had an impressive line up of speakers, matched by an equally exciting and engaged audience.

Front page image: 'Sharing' by furiousgeorge81. CC-BY-NC-ND

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Policies on research data in UK institutions - do you have one to share?

The DCC has recently set up a mechanism to capture and reference examples of institutional research data management policies. We're doing this because we think it's useful to track their existence and because many people have told us that they would find it easier to create policies for their own institution if they could see some working examples. As a national coordination body, it's definitely our role to collate these.

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The case for open data: the Duke clinical trials

A recent story in the Times Higher Educational Supplement, backed up by leader comment, provides a highly readable summary of a long and complex case of flawed clinical research and the difficulties encountered by those trying to expose the flaws. It also provides a strong argument for being open with data and code at an early stage, even where sensitive data is involved.

Since this research involved cancer chemotherapy, the lives of people and their quality of life whilst undergoing treatment potentially depended on the truth of the research findings. As the article shows, falsifying the findings would have been far easier and quicker had the original data, and the methods used to analyse it, been made available from the outset. Expensive clinical trials could have been avoided. Potentially, better treatments could have been brought to trial more quickly once the false promise of this particular intervention was clear.

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How to run a data service

Members of the UK Data Archive team ran an very useful event over two days earlier this month to share their experiences of how to run a data service. They explained the processes they've developed and shared practical tips based on lessons learned.  My event fee was generously funded through the DPC leadership programme - thanks!

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Incremental project report released

The JISC-funded Incremental project has released its scoping study into researchers' data management needs at the Universities of Cambridge and Glasgow.

A blog post summarises our findings and implementation plans.

We welcome any feedback you have.

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More activity on semantic publishing

If you saw tweets from @cardcc today, you might realise I’ve been very interested in a couple of recent developments in semantic publishing. I wrote earlier about linking data to journal articles, including David Shotton’s adventures in semantic publishing. David’s work was one of those included in the review article in the Biochemical Journal by Attwod, Kell, McDermott et al (2009).

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Linked Statistics & other data

Someone pointed me to the blog Jeni's Musings, written by Jeni Tennison. I don't know who Jeni is, but there's some really interesting stuff here, with some obvious links to UK Government Data activity.

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