Getting our ducks in a row

Recent activity on the Roadmap project encompasses two major themes: 1) machine-actionable data management plans and 2) kicking off co-development of the shared codebase.

Image credit: 'Get Your Ducks in a Row' CC-BY-SA by Cliff Johnson

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DMPonline / DMPTool roadmap - reciprocal visits

Our collaboration with the DMPTool team continues. Marta was in Oakland at the end of May and we're preparing to host the US team in Glasgow next week. We've been experiencing Californian weather for the past few weeks - hope it lasts long enough so they experience Scotland at its best. 

Below is an update from Stephanie on Marta's visit. We'll post more news soon on the UK side of the trip.

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DMPonline roadmap

Interest in DMPonline continues to grow. We receive around 150 new users each month and over 30 institutions are customising the tool. Over the last few months we’ve been taking stock to prioritise work and are pleased to release a roadmap for development in 2015.

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Dundee roadshow - final programme & registration

  • Keen to hear about cutting edge research from BBSRC’s Innovator of the year?
  • Interested in integrating your research information and research data systems?
  • Want to learn about RDM in practice from those at the coalface?

Well then get yourself along to the final DCC roadshow in Dundee on 5-6 December!

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Are you really on the map?

Between 18th July and 18th September 2012, Research Office heads or the PVCs Research (or their equivalent) in one hundred UK institutions in receipt of EPSRC funding, were invited to complete an online DCC survey designed to establish reactions to (and the impact from) EPSRC’s call for the development of effective research data roadmaps. For the purpose of this survey we identified HEIs that receive more than 10% of their total funding from research and are currently in receipt of one or more EPSRC grants. This gave us our list of one hundred institutions.

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A journey shared – on the road to research data management.

The workshop on developing institutional data policies held in mid-March helped institutions to come together to discuss different approaches and learn from each other. This article describes some of the lessons emerging from the workshop, complementing other reports on the same workshop.

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Turning roadmaps to action

Many UK Higher Education Institutions are setting out their 'roadmap' of actions to support research data management, to meet a deadline set by funding body EPSRC. Prompted by a workshop organised by DCC and JISC with the RoaDMaP project at Leeds University, Angus Whyte considers how a roadmap fits alongside documentation of policy and process.

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Navigating the potholes

As part of our series of blog posts on developing RDM roadmaps, this week we're reflecting on what a roadmap looks like and where HEIs have most work to do.

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The essential data roadmap

Last April the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) wrote to university vice chancellors explaining their Policy Framework on Research Data. This framework set out EPSRC’s principles and expectations concerning how the institutions they fund will ensure that research data generated as a result of their support is appropriately managed and shared. The DCC has provided a simple guide to creating a framework.

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Developing a roadmap for RDM

We trialled a new session at the Loughborough roadshow on developing data policy and services. This ended with an excerise on producing an RDM roadmap, as the EPSRC requirement to do this by May 2012 is uppermost on many people's minds.

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