ESRC - Economic and Social Research Council

The ESRC has a statement on open access to research outputs.

An updated Research Data Policy was released in March 2015.


Time Limits

Publications should be deposited at or around the time of publication.

Data must be made available for preparation for re-use and/or archiving within three months of the end of the award.

Data Plan

In spring 2011 a new requirement came into force as detailed in clause 18, p5 of the data policy.

Grant applicants are required to submit a statement on data sharing in the relevant section of the Je-S form and provide a c.2 page data management and sharing plan. Nine suggested themes are provided to include in this.

Access/Data Sharing

Publications should be made available via the ESRC research catalogue.

Research data should be made available to the scientific community in a timely and responsible manner. The data service supports data sharing.

Long-term Curation

ESRC award holders are expected to make use of existing standards for data management and to make data available for further re-use. The ESRC data service providers are responsible for ensuring long-term access to the data. 


The ESRC states it will monitor compliance with its policies. The final payment of a grant may be withheld if data has not been offered for deposit to the required standard, unless a waiver has been agreed in advance.



The ESRC offer extensive support to researchers. Data centre staff will assist researchers to plan their data management and sharing, and providing ongoing support throughout the project to final deposit and reuse.

The excellent Managing and Sharing Data guide is of particular use.


The ESRC runs a Research Catalogue to record various awards and outputs and provide a place for grant holders to deposit their publications.

Data Centre

The ESRC undertakes post-award data management and preservation via its data service providers.


The ESRC believes it is for author's institutions to decide whether they are prepared to use funds from full economic costs (or other income) to pay any page charges or other publishing fees.

The ESRC will review any costs associated with implementing the data plan as an integral part of the funding decision, and based on this decision, provide appropriate funding for data management.