Money makes the world go around

The 19th RDMF will address the thorny issue of RDM costs. How are these costs calculated? What tools and support are available to researchers? And what is eligible under different research funder policies? We have a fantastic line up of European speakers to address these topics. Sign up to join us!

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Birds of a Feather session at IDCC15: Building infrastructure for scientific data

A report on the Birds of a Feather session on Building Infrastructure held on Day 1 of the International Digital Curation Conference, 2015

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DCC developer job

Come and work for the DCC! We're currently recruiting a systems developer.

See current vacancies on the University of Glasgow website, reference  008866

Image CC-BY photologue_np

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DMPTool and DMPonline workshop

Read about the DMPTool and DMPonline workshop at IDCC in San Francisco

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DMPonline v.4 launches

We're pleased to announce that the DCC has just launched a new and improved version of DMPonline, our web-based tool for creating Data Management Plans.

This new release marks a major progression in terms of usability. The evaluation showed that users had difficulties creating a mental model of how the tool worked. We’ve simplified the concepts behind the tool and responded to requests to shorten the DCC Checklist and ask funder questions directly instead.

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DMPonline - current status

The DCC announced future development plans for its data management planning tool (DMPonline) in January 2013. In this post, Kevin Ashley provides an update on the current status of those plans.

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Future plans for DMPonline

Data management planning is a topic of increasing importance to researchers, their host institutions and research funders alike. Increasing numbers of funders require plans as part of grant proposals; some are already assessing the quality of these plans as part of bid assessment; and some require further planning to be carried out for successful proposals and are discussing ways to monitor the execution of plans and compliance with funder requirements.

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BRISSKit: Connecting researchers with clinical data

As the UK government takes steps to realise the value of the NHS's clinical data, the need to overcome the barriers between patients and researchers increases. The University of Leicester's BRISSKit project is addressing these issues with the development of an integrated, open-source software support platform.

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Reviewed Tools and Services Catalogue

The digital curation community has been prolific in creating tools and services to address the myriad challenges facing data creators and curators, but it can be difficult to wade through the wealth of options to find the solution that best fits your need. The DCC has created a Tools and Services Catalogue to help navigate this landscape, focusing on software and services that directly perform curation and management tasks.

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Introducing DataFlow and ViDaaS

Friday saw the launch of two new UMF-funded data management infrastructure projects: Dataflow and VIDaaS. DataFlow is a two-tier data management infrastructure that allows users to manage and store research data. VIDaaS (Virtual Infrastructure with Database as a Service) is software that enables researchers to build databases online as part of a cloud infrastructure.

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