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DMPonline demo sessions – summary from the past few months

Magdalena Drafiova | 01 April 2021

DMPonline demo sessions – summary from the past few months

As many of you already know by now - we have launched demo session in September 2020, and we have been running these regularly since. We have re-visited our session planning with recent survey about what you want us to focus on in the following months, and we have planned the demo session for the following 6 months based on your feedback.

We are glad you find these useful, as we value your feedback and participation in these sessions very much. They offer us ongoing communication with you that allows us to make the features work better for you as well as ensuring that you are aware of all the admin dashboard features and functionalities. Although all the notes from these meetings are shared across and function as a living document for reference for all of you, and we also put all the videos on the YouTube demo session playlist, we thought it might be useful to also share with you a short blog post with the summary from the demo sessions below.

March 2021 Guidance, video

In our March 2021 demo session, we showed how to create guidance. We explained that you can create guidance for templates by creating themed guidance or question specific guidance and explaining benefits of both. As usual we then also explained the potential changes and upgrades to this feature such as allowing to switch off the DCC guidance(#2369), adding a download button to guidance (#2748), allowing admins to refine guidance topics(#2750), improving the formatting of guidance when downloaded (#2168), improving the publishing workflow (#616) and adding notification for updated funder guidance (#2092).

February 2021 Review usage, video

In the February 2021 demo session, we looked at ways you can review the usage of DMPonline. There are two ways you can review usage by accessing Plans or Usage through the admin dashboard. On the Plans page you can download plans, whereas on the Usage page, you can get further insights to statistics on your users and plans they created and statistics on your template. There are several changes and upgrades to this feature on the roadmap such as adding statistics on departments (#2367), adding click through the plans by the templates (#2483), or improving the way the charts are viewed. We had a good discussion and we added few more improvements to the roadmap, such as enabling statistics for more than 12 months (#2824)  or downloading numbers behind the charts(#2825, ) since you can download number of new users and plans but not the statistics that informed the dashboard visualisations.

January 2021 Administrator privileges, video

In our January 2021 demo session, we walked you through how to assign admin privileges to your colleagues. The goal of the call was to learn about administrator privileges:  what each setting stands for, how to grant it to your colleagues and how to remove the admin privileges. Most of you used this demo session as a refresher, since it appears quite few of you are aware of this functionality. After the demo session we discussed how would you like to see this functionality to be improved such as granting admin privileges just for departments (#2856), or being able to search for admins for other admins with privileges within their institution (#2855).

October 2020 Conditional questions, video

In October 2020, we run a demo session on conditional questions. The goal of the call was to learn about conditional questions:  how to create conditional questions, how to put together the template, and which answer formats can have conditions applied. Whereas some of you have tried this, loads of you were keen to learn how to put this feature into practice. After the practical demo session, we discussed current possible upgrades and changes to the functionality - Add conditional questions to template preview (#2487) and enhancing the email functionality on conditional questions (#2475).

Last but not least ... 

As always, we are keen to hear from you about how you use the tool and how we can improve it, so please feel free to contact us at the details below: 

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