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DMPTuuli and DMPonline - together since 2016

Tuija Korhonen, Mari Elisa Kuusniemi, Soile Manninen and Mikko Ojanen Tuuli Office, Finland | 10 November 2020

DMPTuuli and DMPonline - together since 2016 

DMPTuuli  is a data management planning tool tailored to the needs of the Finnish research community. The tool was tailored in the Tuuli project. It is a national instance of DMPonline (Roadmap) hosted by DCC. The Ministry of Education and Culture funds the Tuuli project. The project is led by the national steering group which represents our user organisations from higher education, research institutes, and other important national stakeholders related to open science and science IT. We realised the need for data management services in Finnish research libraries around 2010, LIBER launched its recommendations for libraries in 2012  and in 2015 the search for a common national DMP tool started. 

Tuuli network 

The network and national collaboration around DMP work is very unique. Work is volunteer-based and usually our meetings collect 40 - 80 participants. Our community is very active and full of enthusiasm, and it warmly welcomes all new members. Tuuli network creates national templates and guidance together but organisations can also tailor the templates and create their own guidance. Tuuli Office coordinates the template and guidance work.  

Within the Tuuli network we can share ideas about data management practices and solve problems together. If you are the only person in your organization who works in data support, thanks to the Tuuli network you don’t have to do it alone because you are part of a very supportive network. And the tool is the glue that keeps the network together.  

Why DCC and DMPonline? 

The reason why we chose DMPonline in the first place was that we wanted a DMP tool that is ready-to-use so we can focus our national resources to develop RDM services and DMPs. We wanted also that the tool would be available in our national languages, Finnish and Swedish. By subscribing DMPonline from the DCC, we do not need technical expertise to maintain and develop the tool. This way we can concentrate on the content of the tool (DMP requirements/templates and guides and training for trainers). We collect feedback from our users, develop tool by describing the needs of users, funders and organisations. We get training materials from DCC to help us to support Finnish organisational administrators.  

Tuuli Office collaborates with DCC very closely. It has been easy to communicate with the staff because they don’t only know how to create tools but they also know about data management. Of course we have faced some challenges. Sometimes the long-distance and language barrier can be an issue and it might be easier to be able to meet in person. The legislation is different in Scotland and Finland so we have to revise agreements very carefully. But still we think it is better to speak with those persons who are focused on maintaining DMPonline and know the content well. If we maintained the tool on our servers, the technical person most likely would also maintain many other online tools and we should always remind why the tool is important for us.  

We have followed with great pleasure how DMPonline and its user group have grown. The international user group around DMPonline is a valuable peer support group where we can discuss the challenges we face. Heavy users of DMPonline known each other well, together we can think about the new functions we need and learn from each other. It is fascinating to hear how organisations utilize the tool and what kinds of processes they build up around the DMPs.  

Wishing you a happy birthday and many more to come! 

Tuija Korhonen, Mari Elisa Kuusniemi, Soile Manninen and Mikko Ojanen 

Tuuli Office, Finland 

We would like to say thank you to Tuija Korhonen, Mari Elisa Kuusniemi, Soile Manninen and Mikko Ojanen for sharing with us explanation of how the national instance works in Finland and our collaboration blog post for DMPonline 10th year anniversary! 

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