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Infographic: What will it cost to manage and share my data?

As part of the OpenAIRE-Advance project, the DCC has put together an infographic for researchers on the costs of managing and sharing data.

Ryan O'Connor | 22 May 2020

As part of the DCC’s ongoing work on the OpenAIRE-Advance project, my colleagues Alexandra Delipalta, Sarah Jones and I have put together this helpful infographic to aid researchers in setting out the costs involved in managing and sharing their research data. It picks up on themes raised in a previous DCC Research Data Management Forum on the need for guidance on the costs researchers can expect to be covered and the benefit of addressing these costs at the outset of a project using a data management plan.

The infographic is based on the existing OpenAIRE guide for research data management costs and also incorporates some extra information on the roles that can offer additional support to researchers and some sample costs for data storage. The work was done as part of OpenAIRE Advance’s Research Data Management Task Force and was completed with input from our colleagues on this task force along with some feedback from our colleagues here at the DCC; the full list of outputs and resources developed by the Task Force is available here.

The infographic is available for download from Zenodo. Please feel free to share among your networks and let us know what you think!