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Welcome Glenys Jacob - Software Developer for DMPonline!

Glenys Jacob | 18 January 2022


Hello everyone! I am Glenys and I joined DCC (Digital Curation Centre) as a systems developer for DMPonline early this year. 

As a developer, I will be working on the web-based tool. This will involve focusing on new features, fixing bugs, and going through the thousands of lines of code that have already been written by the existing code ninjas a.k.a. developers. 

I am from India, and I recently completed my master’s degree in Computing and IT at the University of St Andrews. My dreams of living and studying in Scotland were disrupted by Covid-19, as the entire course content was delivered online. Although my university life was confined to a laptop screen, I was able to work on several projects individually and in teams which boosted my programming skills. I am a firm believer in using technology to help people perform tasks that would otherwise be difficult or time-consuming. Following the completion of my degree, I was searching for an IT role that would contribute to this. I worked at a startup in London for a brief period before DCC, as a developer for a web-based tool in the retail industry. Although I enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot, my long-term career goals included an academic setting and eventually moving back to Scotland. The opportunity to work with the DCC team checked all the boxes and I am extremely excited and happy to be a part of this team and the work they have been doing! 

A few fun facts about myself, I enjoy quilling (click here to know more), listening to Spanish music (happy to share my playlist), and attending Zumba classes. I love movies with happy endings, and I am currently alternating reading between two genres: classics and crime fiction. 

I look forward to getting to know the whole team and working on DMPonline.