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CRIS2016: Communicating and measuring research responsibly: profiling, metrics, impact, interoperability

08-11 June 2016 |

The CRIS 2016 conference will address recent trends in the management, availability, quality and use of Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) bringing together researchers, managers of research-performing or funding institutions, evaluators, librarians, research administrators, ICT experts and policy makers. This year’s focus emphasizes the role of measuring and communicating research, which requires an effective approach to interoperability and impact of the underlying Information Systems. 

Conference contributions will be organised in three tracks:

1. Measuring research, its quality and impact:

Contributions on best practices, case studies, operational solutions and future trends in benchmarking, evaluation and assessment of research and research impact; including policy directions, technology developments and emerging standards.

2. Communication, sharing and profiling of research:

Contributions on best practices, technologies and case studies concerning the promotion of visibility and discoverability of research, researchers and research groups or networks as well as the promotion and facilitation of research cooperation, research management and information exchange on various levels, be it institutional, national or international. Linked to this: the role of standards in optimizing research communication and exchange.

3. Advances in research information technology:

Contributions on advanced information and communication technologies to improve research information quality, availability and exchange, including database, process and workflow, user interface, and GRID or Cloud-based technologies. With special attention to CERIF and CRIS-related technologies and developments.

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