PrestoCentre Preservathon

Audiovisual Preservation Storage Solutions

25-26 June 2014 | RAI “Museo della Radio”, Turin

PrestoCentre Preservathons are two-day hands-on events developed around main themes and challenges in audiovisual digitisation, preservation and long-term access. During the first day, attendees will work together in small groups. Activities include workshops, roleplaying, demonstrations, presentations, writing and negotiation exercises (e.g. call for tender, SLA). Each Preservathon includes a competitive element. The second day is organised as a mini-conference including concise presentions and demonstrations of the results and experiences from the first day, a ceremony to award the winning group, and a short but informative review on the subject, incuding the state of relevant technology, related research, and open questions.

The event will be of interest to Library and archive technologists, directors of collection care and IT advisors interested in the various motivations and priorities of storage for digital audiovisual media across different domains.

Costs and Registration

€120 for a two-day ticket

€50 for the day 2 mini-conference only