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Screening the Future Conference 2012: Play, Pause and Press Forward

21-23 May 2012 |

The Conference

Screening the Future serves the global community of stakeholders who keep audiovisual content alive. This annual international conference brings together archivists, small and large archives, production companies, film makers, TV producers, service providers, vendors, funders, policymakers, and educators who are developing solutions to answer the most urgent questions facing audiovisual archives.
With Play, Pause and Press Forward as the theme of this year's conference, we explore the current status of audiovisual archives; the main challenges that archives and producers face in terms of IT, institutional position, and changes in use and market; and their future readiness.

Conference Themes

  • For the record: Should we talk about data or media?
  • Meeting the demand: How can we match users’ expectations with institutional capabilities?
  • “I am big, it’s the pictures that got small!”: What we can learn from each other.

Master Classes

Spend focused time with experts and other delegates by participating in one of the Screening the Future 2012 Master Classes:

  • Archiving in production – the position of archives in the rapidly changing AV production climate.
  • Managing the cost of archiving – budgeting, forever cost and endowment pricing.
  • Infrastructure, repositories and services – the options and limits of archival systems in a variety of institutions.
  • Archiving future data – the attributes and requirements of future generated AV data.
  • Trusting the future archive – trusted auditing and certification of audiovisual archives and repositories.

The onference website provides more information about the conference, registration and member discount.

Costs and Registration

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