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THOR Workshop: Identifiers – Infrastructure, Impact & Innovation

07 July 2016 |

Since its start in July 2015, Project THOR -Technical and Human infrastructure for Open Research - has been working towards seamless integration between articles, data, and researchers across the research lifecycle, and a lot has been accomplished. During this one-day workshop, the THOR team will demonstrate tangible outputs of the past year, how these achievements are benefiting the research community, and where they are going next.

Through demonstrations and expert talks, the THOR project partners British Library, ORCID, DataCite, Elsevier Labs, PLoS, EBI, CERN, and PANGAEA will showcase the research and concrete work done by the different disciplines. Challenges and opportunities for linking persistent identifiers as ORCID iDs and DOIs will be discussed by showing concrete examples from pilot communities (High-Energy Physics, Biological and Medical Sciences, Geoscientific and Environmental Sciences). Progress on DataCite DOI and ORCID iD auto-update, data publishing workflows, dynamic data identification and citation will be presented during a mixed programme of presentations and discussions.

The workshop is kindly hosted by Elsevier Labs, and is a great opportunity for research organisations, data scientists and publishers to get in touch with experts from different disciplines, share ideas and state-of-the-art practice and help to shape exciting new developments.

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