DCC Lab Lunch: Musings & Visions on e-Science Workflows, Provenance, and Finite Model Theory

26 March 2007 | Appleton Tower, Edinburgh

Bertram Ludaescher, Department of Computer Science & Genome Center at the University of California, presented "Musings & Visions on e-Science Workflows, Provenance, and Finite Model Theory" at this informal (and free) lab lunch. Scientific discovery is increasingly data-driven and dependent on effective and efficient means to deal with a data deluge. Scientific workflows capture and automate data management, visualisation, and analysis tasks with the ultimate aim to accelerate scientific knowledge discovery. A major opportunity for improvement in this process is the gap between scientists' conceptual-level understanding of their data analysis pipelines and the way they are forced to actually implement those lofty ideas (e.g. in Perl). There is reason to hope that by combining foundations of logic, databases, programming languages, and other computer science and engineering disciplines, we can make a contribution towards closing this gap.