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Repository Fringe 2016

01-02 August 2016 |

Repository Fringe is a gathering for repository managers and others interested in research data repositories and publication repositories. Participation is a key element – the event is designed to encourage all attendees to share their repository experiences and expertise.

Traditionally Repository Fringe takes place in Edinburgh every August, and is aimed primarily at a UK-based audience.

2016 Programme Themes:

Draft Programme

The programme will be updated over the coming weeks online. For more information visit the Repository Fringe 2016 website.

Contribute to Repository Fringe


We are inviting submissions in the following areas:

24×7 Presentations

A 24×7 session consists of a 7 minute presentation, with no more than 24 slides allowed.

Each of the three Repository Fringe 2016 themes will have a designated slot for 24×7 presentations from delegates.

If you have something which you would like to share with the repositories community about your recent work we invite you to send an informal submission of no more than 150 words to describing:

  • what you would like to cover in your 24×7
  • which of the three themes you are submitting to
  • how your work aligns with the theme

Each 24×7 session will have a limit of 6 slots and these will be allocated on a first come, first served basis – so don’t delay! Your submission will be checked by a reviewer to confirm its suitability with the theme you have chosen – they will inform you as to whether you have been allocated a slot in the programme.

Innovative Approaches to Engagement: Live Demonstrations

If you have an app / website / new approach to facilitating user engagement with research data, which you would like to present in a live demonstration, please send an informal submission of no more than 300 words to describing what you would like to do, and what resources (AV, space or unsuspecting volunteers) you will need.

It is envisaged that 30 minutes will be allowed for each demo.


Costs and Registration

Registration is now open!

To date, Repository Fringe has always run as a free event in alignment (as far as possible) with the start of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Many Fringe shows have to charge a small ticket fee to make ends meet and the time has now come for Repository Fringe to introduce a small fee.

The delegate fee will help towards managing the cost of the event, particularly given our move to a venue more appropriate for the scope of what the 2016 event wishes to achieve. With a bigger, more flexible venue, we can offer you a wider and more diverse programme to make your trip to Edinburgh even more worthwhile!