Institutional Data Repositories Workshop - Roles and Responsibilities

In conjunction with Open Repositories 2012

09 July 2012 |

The DCC and ICPSR in collaboration with the wider research data management community organised a workshop on institutional data repositories at Open Repositories 2012, Edinburgh, UK on the 9 July at 13.30.

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  This event was fully booked and carried a waiting list.  ..

  Many research datasets could be profitably reanalyzed, but are in danger of being lost since they are never properly archived. Institutional Repositories are charged with preserving scholarly products, but not all feel prepared to curate and archive research data. 

Institution-wide data repositories may co-exist with others within and beyond their institution, subject-based archives serving national and international communities, and publisher repositories.

The workshop offered service providers in these contexts a snapshot of the current landscape and shared examples, models and metaphors to help plan future development. A principal aim was to map points of consensus and concern around repository roles in supporting data reuse and developing the infrastructure for that.

The workshop included short presentations but the emphasis was on informal and open discussion.  The sponsors are interested in learning from people attending OR2012 what they see as the critical issues, concerns and needs for support for data repositories.


1.30 Introductions (Angus Whyte, Monica Duke and Kevin Ashley, DCC)

1.40 Simon Hodson,JISC MRD Programme Manager (tbc)
1.50 Reflections on Building Capacity and Capability for Research Data ServicesGraham Pryor, DCC Associate Director, Programme Manager DCC Institutional Engagements. 
2.00 Prioritizing Services and Tools to Support Data Management in RepositoriesJared Lyle and Ann Green, ICPSR, University of Michigan. 

2.15 - 2.25 Questions on the 3 presentations and selection of breakout groups.

2.25 - 3.00 Breakout groups

3.00 - 3.15 Tea/coffee

3.15 Building a Data Repository to Meet an Institution’s Needs Catherine Pink,University of Bath. 
3.25 Just Enough Metadata Sally Rumsey, University of Oxford. 
3.35 Using the IR to Stimulate the Management of Data Chris Awre, University of Hull. 

3.45 - 3.55 Questions on the 3 presentations and selection of breakout groups.

3.55 - 4.30 Breakout groups

4.30 A Little Glue for Data RepositoriesGregg Gordon, SSRN 

4.40 Report from both breakouts and discussion, facilitated by Kevin Ashley.

A blog item by Angus Whyte covers some of the workshop discussions.

Organised and led by:
Angus Whyte, Digital Curation Centre, UK
Monica Duke, Digital Curation Centre, UK
Graham Pryor, Digital Curation Centre, UK
Jared Lyle, ICPSR, University of Michigan, USA
Chris Awre, University of Hull, UK
Sally Rumsey, Oxford University, UK
Catherine Pink, University of Bath, UK
Ann Green, Digital Life Cycle Research & Consulting, USA
Gregg Gordon, SSRN (Social Science Research Network)

Costs and Registration

This workshop was organised as part of the Open Repositories 2012 conference held in Edinburgh, and was free to attend (registration to OR2012 was required).