Research Data Management

an overview for research managers and the research, enterprise and knowledge exchange office

18 July 2013 | Open University, Milton Keynes

An introduction to Research Data Management and Data Management Planning for research support staff. The event was run for Faculty Research Managers and the Research, Enterprise and Knowledge Exchange Office at the Open University.


10:00 Introduction to RDM and Data Management Plans Sarah Jones, DCC
10:30 Discussion: how to support researchers with DMPs All
11:00 Coffee  
11:15 Funder requirements and opportunities to recover costs via grants Sarah Jones, DCC
11:40 Guidance and resources at OU: intranet, FAQs etc Liz Mallett, RDM project manager
11:50 Questions and close All


A generic version of the FAQ on Data Management Plans (without links to OU guidance) is also available as a webpage.

Image: CC-BY-NC-SA by Scorpions and Centaurs


Costs and Registration

This was a free event run as part of the DCC engagement at the Open University.