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Expanded name

Digital Library Federation

Date of establishment

1 May 1995


http://www.diglib.org/ [external]


The Digital Library Federation\'s website gives the following mission statement: The Digital Library Federation is an international association of libraries and allied institutions. Its mission is to enable new research and scholarship of its members, students, scholars, lifelong learners, and the general public by developing an international network of digital libraries. DLF relies on collaboration, the expertise of its members, and a nimble, flexible, organizational structure to fulfill its mission. To achieve this mission, the DLF:

  • Develops and adopts technical standards
  • Promotes best practices
  • Leverages shared actions, resources, and infrastructures
  • Encourages the creation of digital collections that can be brought together and made accessible across the globe
  • Works with the public sector, educational, and private partners
  • Secures and preserves the scholarly and cultural record

Areas of Activity

The Digital Library Federation concentrates on supporting the long-term creation, curation and preservation of standards based digital library collections and their metadata, and ensuring continuing access to these.


The Digital Library Federation is an international association of libraries and allied institutions. Membership is scrutinised by a committee and applications are open to those who are able to satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Significant research and development capacity devoted to digital library development.
  2. Ability to contribute to DLF initiatives through staff time, expertise, and creative leadership.
  3. Evidence of substantial digital accomplishment, ongoing institutional support, and digital library initiatives that are advanced well beyond start up or project-based phases.
  4. Commitment to the DLF mission.
  5. Evidence that the institution is an acknowledged regional, national, or international leader in some part of the digital library arena.
There are currently 35 partners. Most are based in the USA but a small number are located elsewhere.