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Expanded name

Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing

Date of establishment



http://www.allc.org/ [external]


The Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing\'s (ALCC) objectives are to promote high standards of education in the development of computer science and computer services with particular reference to literary and linguistic computing.

Areas of Activity

The ALCC\'s interest initially encompassed text analysis and language corpora to support the application of computing in the study of language and literature. As relevant computing techniques in the humanities have increased, members\' interests have broadened to include image processing and electronic editions.


The ALLC\'s membership is international, is drawn from across the humanities disciplines, and includes students and established scholars alike.

Individual membership is open to all persons, subject to the approval of the Committee, on payment of an annual subscription. Personal subscribers to Literary and Linguistic Computing shall also be individual members of the Association without further subscription.

Institutional membership is open to institutional subscribers to Literary and Linguistic Computing, subject to the approval of the Committee, without payment of further subscription.

Membership benefits include reduced rates at the Digital Humanities conference, and eligibility to apply for bursaries and prizes.