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List of Metadata Tools

  • Converis

    Current research information system implementing the CERIF standard. Originally developed by Avedas but now a product of Thomson Reuters.

  • Darwin Core Archive Assistant

    A web application that offers data publishers wishing to serve to the GBIF network an easy interface for describing data elements as basic text files, composing an appropriate XML Darwin Core descriptor file to accompany them.

  • Darwin Core Archive Validator

    A tool to validate XML metadata against the Darwin Core Text Guidelines.

  • Data Package libraries

    A collection of libraries for working with Data Packages in various programming languages, and scripts for importing them into databases.

  • Data Package Validator

    The Data Package Validator takes the URL of a Data Package and checks whether it conforms to the Data Package specification.

  • Data Package Viewer

    The Data Package Viewer takes the URL of a Data Package and provides a human-friendly view of it.

  • Data Packagist

    The Data Packagist is a Web-based tool for writing a Data Package descriptor file (datapackage.json).

  • DataCite Metadata Store API

    RESTFUL API for registering datasets with the DataCite organization. The interface uses the DataCite Metadata Schema.

  • DCMI Tools and Software

    The DCMI Tools Community list of tools and software implementing Dublin Core.

  • DDI on Rails

    Server-side software for building a data portal, with a particular focus on survey datasets. It uses DDI to provide access to the data at the level of concepts and variables. For an example of it in use, see the SOEPinfo data portal.