Comments invited on Community Capability Model Framework

Monica Duke | 08 June 2012

DCC partner UKOLN has been working with Microsoft Research to develop a tool to assist institutions, research funders and researchers in growing the capability of their communities to perform data-intensive research by

  • profiling the current readiness or capability of the community
  • indicating priority areas for change and investment, and
  • developing roadmaps for achieving a target state of readiness.
The framework comprises eight capability factors representing human, technical and environmental community characteristics, which are relevant to the readiness of a community to perform data intensive research.  
These include capabilities in the areas of collaboration, skills and training, economic and business models, and other common practices.  
The framework was developed following a series of consultations in the form of workshops and mini case studies, and is now presented as a draft whitepaper available for comment through the A.nnotate system.
You are all invited to suggest examples, refinement and next steps.