Because good research needs good data

Data papers strand at IDCC

Sarah Jones | 01 October 2014

Tell us about your data!

It’s a big anniversary for us this year. It’s 10 years of the DCC and we’re celebrating by bringing a new concept to IDCC. You may have spotted on the Call for Papers that there’s a new type of submission – data papers.

So what is a data paper? A data paper is an introduction to your data – what they cover, how they were created, how they could be used, where they are now? We talk so much at IDCC about the issues curating and sharing data that we want to bring the stars of the show into the room too. We’re going to group the data papers together in one session. They’ll be presented back-to-back as lightening talks, a kind of rapid-fire show and tell for your data.

Vast quantities of data have been deposited in institutional repositories and data centres. Are there treasures there that you think more people should know about? Data papers improve discoverability and give credit to researchers for data creation. That’s what we hope to achieve with this strand at the conference: to raise awareness of interesting datasets that could be reused, and reaffirm the importance of what the data curation community is really about – the data!