DCP and DAF collaboration

Sarah Jones | 02 October 2014

The DCC is pleased to announce that we are involved in an IMLS grant with the Data Curation Profiles team at Purdue University Libraries. 

We came together through our shared interest in engaging researchers to identify their support requirements for Research Data Management. We had ideas for a reusable questionbank based on the various survey that people had developed when they were implementing the DCC's Data Asset Framework, and found big overlaps with plans for taking forward the Data Curation Profiles toolkit. 

We plan to build a tool to bridge the gap between data producers and data curators, and join up the active phases of data mangagement with the longer-term curation and preservation activities. 

A full press release is provided below, courtesy of Scott Brandt.

Purdue Libraries and Partners Develop Roadmap for DCPT2.0

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN — Purdue University Libraries and the Distributed Data Curation Center (D2C2) have been awarded an Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS) National Leadership Grant (LG-55-14-0098-14) to develop a roadmap for the next generation of the Data Curation Profiles Toolkit (DCPT). Along with co-PI’s Jake Carlson at University of Michigan and Suzie Allard at the University of Tennessee, the Planning Grant— “Enhancing the Data Curation Profiles to help Bridge the Gap between Researcher and Repository”— will allow Purdue Libraries to bring together expertise in the field of data curation to propose the next iteration of the DCPT as a more extensible and powerful tool for librarians and other information professionals to connect with stakeholders seeking to deposit their research data into a repository.  Partners include Sarah Jones at University of Glasgow, Angus Whyte at University of Edinburgh, Sherry Lake at University of Virginia and Todd Vision at Dryad.

“Purdue Libraries began its exploration into data curation a decade ago,” said James L. Mullins, dean of Libraries and Esther Ellis Norton Professor at Purdue University.  “This award acknowledges our continued leadership and further facilitates our contributions to the field.”

Principal Investigator Scott Brandt said, “Our intent is to develop a tool that will bridge the gap between the ‘active stages’ of the data management lifecycle to the ‘curation stages’ of discovery, access and preservation.” Brandt, along with co-PIs Jake Carlson (UM) and Suzie Allard (UTK), will plan and host a two-day workshop to scope the outcomes and work needed to redesign and produce “DCPT2.0.” Additionally, the group will produce a report reviewing the challenges of bridging the gap between data producers and data curators and identify recommendations for addressing these challenges.

The DCPT was created in 2010 with support from the IMLS as a resource for librarians to engage researchers in discussion about their data. The Toolkit has been downloaded over 1200 times in 28 countries and used by librarians, administrators, LIS faculty and students, and researchers in many fields. The associated Data Curation Profiles Directory has published 32 Profiles that have been downloaded over 5000 times since January 2013. The Association of College & Research Libraries’ Science & Technology Section’s 2013 Innovation Award (Sponsored by IEEE) went to the D2C2 for its research and development of the Data Curation Profiles Toolkit.

For more information on this award, Purdue Libraries and the Distributed Data Curation Center (D2C2) go to lib.purdue.edu or d2c2.lib.purdue.edu