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The Digital Curation Centre: A new phase, a new perspective

Graham Pryor | 23 February 2010

On 1st March 2010 the Digital Curation Centre embarks on its third phase of evolution, following six years of development and consolidation.

Great strides have been made, but the pervasive establishment of good data curation practice across the UK higher education sector has still to be achieved. It never could and it still won’t happen overnight. An organisation the size of the DCC can’t possibly hope to change the habits of more than 100,000 UK researchers on its own!

As the DCC enters its third phase we hope to build new and firm foundations for good data curation practice across the HE sector by focusing first and foremost on the provision of support to data custodians, with a specially devised DCC training programme being rolled out across individual institutions that will encourage the transfer of knowledge and best practice first among data custodians, then between data producers and users.

Whether your role is data scientist, data manager, informatician, data librarian or research assistant, the DCC can help you to build your research team’s capacity and capability for applying effective data curation; and because we also help to put like-minded practitioners in touch with one another, you will benefit from being part of a self-sustaining community where ideas can be exchanged, knowledge shared and data pooled.

How we can help you

The DCC can assist data custodians working in all disciplines by:

  • providing free access to curation tools and resources
  • delivering at-cost training and network-building events
  • fostering the identification and sharing of best practice by establishing communities of data curators
  • consolidating and expanding existing data curation efforts
  • contributing towards the development of new and innovative standards, tools and practices
  • providing ongoing support in the form of an evolving range of learning resources to continually update curation skills and knowledge
  • offering fee-based consultancy services to those seeking more specific guidance and advice.

Most research teams know about data curation and its many benefits, but few have so far managed to address the issue practically and effectively in a working environment. We hope you will explore this site to your advantage, and contact us for further advice and assistance at  

Download the 'A New Phase, A New Perspective' document here