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DMPonline evolves - new release with new themes imminent!

Sarah Jones | 01 March 2018

We’re very close to the first official DMPRoadmap MVP release. We pushed this out to test and did a demo of new features at IDCC last week. The DMPTool has migrated to the new code already and we are set to push into production next week!

This news item is to alert UK admin users to the changes, specifically around the legacy guidance and how this has been migrated to new DMP themes.

We consulted on the DMP themes last year and iterated these down from 29 to 14. You can see the revised list of themes and new joint DCC and UC3 guidance on the wiki. We have also done a mapping to explain how themes have been merged. This will be useful when editing your guidance.
Some themes like ‘Period of preservation’ were incorporated into other broader concepts. In this case it has become part of ‘Preservation' as shown in the example below. In other cases, themes have been merged and renamed, for example ‘Metadata’ and ‘Documentation’ are no longer separate. If you had guidance for both themes before, you will now see these concatenated under one. You’ll need to edit the text down to suit, once we push into production.
We are going to push the new code into production on Thursday 8th March so expect downtime between 9am-5pm. All of your existing plans and user data will be automatically transferred.
On release you’ll benefit from some new features including guidance that can be turned on/off during plan writing, a DMP feedback service that admins can offer, plan visibility settings, admin access to all organisational DMPs, and a usage dashboard. More info will be announced on these as we go live.
Until then, please try things out on DMPonline-test and let us know if you encounter any issues
Happy DMPing!