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Keynote lecture by Nancy McGovern at IDCC2018

Diana Sisu | 26 January 2018

Collaborating Across Communities: Leveraging Our Strengths for Sustainable Programs and Services

The skills, strengths, and experiences of many domains and communities – data curation, digital curation, digital preservation, data science, archival science, records management, computer science, information technology, library science, and more – contribute to developing sustainable digital curation and preservation programs and services on behalf of institutions and users of all kinds. Building on a deepening understanding within and across our domains of curation in terms of what we do as well as how and why, it is imperative that we broaden our focus on who is included, prepared, and engaged in curating the digital content we commit to keeping and sharing for the long-term. Fostering the most durable digital curation community means ensuring inclusion of all kinds – social, demographic, professional, and technical. If we bring together our cumulative innovation and creativity to collaborate at a common table, we will continually bring our best selves to our shared challenges and forge solutions that partner humans and technologies.


Nancy Y. McGovern is the Director of Digital Preservation at MIT Libraries and of the Digital Preservation Management (DPM) workshop series, offered more than fifty times since 2003. Her research and community interests include increasing organizational capacity to develop and sustain digital preservation programs; working to build a diverse and inclusive digital community; and the means for organizations and communities to continually respond to the opportunities and challenges of ongoing technological change. She has more than thirty years of experience with preserving digital content, including senior positions at ICPSR; Cornell University Library; the Open Society Archives; and the Center for Electronic Records of the U.S. National Archives. She is the immediate past president of the Society of American Archives (SAA). She completed her PhD on digital preservation at UCL in 2009.

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