LIASA webinar

Sarah Jones | 30 April 2013

Joy and I have just run a webinar organised by the Higher Education Libraries group of LIASA (Library and Information Association of South Africa). It was amazingly well-attended, with close to 100 participants representing virtually all of the 23 universities in South Africa and the National Research Foundation. We definitely need to take promotion tips from LIASA HELIG!

We spoke on four topics:

  1. Digital curation, preservation and research data management (RDM)
  2. Benefits and drivers for RDM – the UK policy landscape
  3. Current RDM initiatives in UK universities
  4. The role of the library - re-skilling for data curation

Joy kicked us off with an introduction to the area. I then spoke about the benefits and drivers, closing with an outline of how this work is being supported via Jisc MRD programmes and the DCC Institutional Engagements. Joy then profiled some of the specific work being done by universities, pointing to various freely-available tools, models and resources that can be reused. We closed by addressing training opportunities, particularly all the RDM training materials for librarians that have emerged of late.

There were a lot of questions from the audience, ranging from who should fund the digital infrastructure, what role cloud storage plays, who owns copyright and whether data curators need to be subject experts.

Slides from the event are now available online.

The webinar used BigBlueButton, a great piece of software.  It was very easy to use, particularly after the expert tuition we received from Hilton. The biggest benefit for me was that we could chat with people from across South Africa without even venturing off campus. There's so much potential in using these technologies to help share knowledge across communities and foster new collaborations. How about a DCC/Jisc MRD webinar series? One to add to the workplan?

There was a lot of positive feedback from the audience and we really enjoyed the experience too. Thanks so much to Joyce, Ingrid, Ina, Hilton and colleagues for organising everything. We look forward to following up!