Because good research needs good data

Liz Lyon Interviewed for ABC Science Online

Chris Rusbridge | 22 April 2010

During her visit to Australia in November 2009, Liz Lyon was interviewed for her thoughts towards the article Putting the citizen into science by Suzannah Lyons which has recently been published by ABC Science Online. Asked about the increased involvement of ordinary people in scientific projects, Liz remarked:

"Clearly in the last few years these sorts of opportunities have been greatly facilitated by social networks and the collaborative tools that we've seen with Web 2.0."

She pointed to the way in which citizen science is increasing public awareness of scientific work, "perhaps in some ways demystifying it."

While stressing the need to contribute reliable data in such a partnership, Liz concluded: "Citizen science is not only changing the way we do and perceive science, it's also empowering people to make a difference."