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Money makes the world go around

Sarah Jones | 29 August 2019

Money makes the world go around! Research funding drives what we investigate and how research is conducted.

Research data policies call for better management and sharing of data that results from public funding. Many funders acknowledge that there are costs associated with storing, documenting and sharing data. While these are admittedly part of just doing research and may often be supported by core institutional services, there may be additional costs to include in proposals. These could include extra storage, deposit fees to repositories or human effort to document, transcribe and organise the data. 

The 19th RDMF will address the thorny issue of RDM costs. How are these costs calculated? What tools and support are available to researchers? And what is eligible under different research funder policies? We have a fantastic line up of European speakers to address these topics. See the programme online.

The event will include a networking lunch where delegates can learn more about each other's approaches and an unconference session where we can tackle some of the most challenging issues and begin to co-develop resources and solutions. We have proposed a couple of potential topics to address in the unconference and invite you to suggest more. Please add your talking points to the googledoc.

The one-day RDMF will take place at the British Library in London.

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