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New DCC Checklist on Selecting Data to Keep

A Whyte | 31 October 2014

This new checklist aims to help UK Higher Education Institutions aid their researchers in making informed choices about what research data to keep. It offers practical steps to apply the more general guidance in 'How to Appraise & Select Research Data for Curation', and 'How to Develop Research Data Management Services', and is available here (along with those guides). The checklist can be adapted to highlight options that your institution offers researchers about storing and sharing data they produce.

The guidance encourages researchers to plan what data to keep at the same time as planning for publication. Support services can help researchers weigh up the compliance risks and potential value of the data, after first considering what purposes the data may be reused for. The checklist also encourages consideration of costs, both those already incurred which may add to the data's value, and those still to be met, such as the time to prepare data for long-term storage and preservation.