New EPSRC template in DMPonline

Sarah Jones | 15 August 2014

The EPSRC Policy Framework on Research Data states that project specific data management policies and plans should exist for all data.

Unlike other RCUK funders, the EPSRC does not expect DMPs to be submitted as part of grant applications, but it expects they will nonetheless be in place as part of good research practice.

We're pleased to announce that there's now an EPSRC template in DMPonline. This used the DCC Checklist for a Data Management Plan as its basic framework, and provides details from the EPSRC policy expectations to help users respond.

The template has been checked by Ben Ryan of the EPSRC, and is available by selecting EPSRC from the funder dropdown.

We have also recently made updates to the templates for NERC and the MRC. NERC has revised the questions asked in its Outline Data Management Plan, and the MRC has launched a new website, updating links to it DMP help pages.

We're happy to add more templates or update exisitng ones, so if you're aware of a funder that should be listed, or note any changes that should be made, please contact us on