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Open Science training courses

Joy Davidson | 16 August 2018

FOSTER Plus aims to contribute to a real and lasting shift in the behaviour of European researchers to ensure that Open Science (OS) becomes the norm. To this end, a key objective for the FOSTER project has been to develop a set of ten training courses targeted towards early career researchers.

The draft courses are now available for public consultation. We are seeking feedback from the community on how they could be improved. Please fill in the evaluation form by the end of August to help us build courses that fit your needs.  Please note that the course quiz functionality is still in development so you won't see any feedback or results yet but please feel free to suggest other quiz questions. 

We aimed to reuse existing training content wherever possible and have worked closely with our discipline specific partners to ensure that pointers to discipline specific tools and resources have been included. Ten draft courses covering a range of Open Science topics such as open access, research data, open source software, and open peer-review have been developed over first year of the project. To find out more about the course development, you can read this FOSTER blog post.   

For more on the FOSTER Plus project or to access the FOSTER portal, please see the project website.