RDM at Monash University

Sarah Jones | 20 December 2012

The DCC is pleased to release a case study on the improvement of Research Data Management at Monash University. We're very grateful to Sam Searle, Anthony Beitz, Wilna Macmillan and Andrew Harrison for their input to this.

The case study accompanies our forthcoming How to guide on developing RDM infrastructure and services. It acts as an example of how one institution has addressed the various activities and components that need to be delivered.

If you'd like to hear more about the Monash approach, Anthony Beitz is giving a keynote at IDCC in January. You can see a preview of his talk in an interview he gave last month. Anthony will also be contributing a version of the case study as a chapter in our forthcoming book Delivering Research Data Management Services, to be published by Facet in the Autumn of 2013.

Or just us in Amsterdam - we've just extended the early-bird rate until 2nd January as a Christmas present to you all.