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RISE, a self-start tool for research data management service review

A Whyte | 17 February 2017

If your role includes responsibility for your institution’s RDM services you will understand how important it is to periodically review whether your service is delivering on compliance, quality and economy. Whether you are developing the business case to roll out a live service, or preparing for  periodic service review, it can be useful to benchmark your service against sector norms.  The DCC’s Research Infrastructure Self-Evaluation (RISE) framework is a straightforward checklist that should help you review the scope of your service and where improvements may be made.

RISE focuses on ten common areas of institutional RDM support, including technical and ‘soft’ infrastructure. For each of these areas we have described a range of support processes, describing three levels of capability for each. The framework offers statements describing these capability levels,  designed to help frame discussions with stakeholders.  By identifying where your current provision lies, on a scale ranging from basic compliance to a sector-leading service offering, the framework should help you work out where your service offers the value that stakeholders are looking for, and where improvements may be made.

The RISE framework has been developed and tested with a number of UK HE institutions. The framework draws on more than ten year’s experience supporting institutions to develop RDM services, and it recognises the wide diversity in the services they need and can afford.  RISE also builds on the DCC’s long experience developing tools to assess data management and preservation, such as CARDIO, DAF, and AIDA.   We look forward to expanding its role in our training and consultancy. If you are interested in this, or just have questions about using RISE, please get in touch at

RISE is available on the DCC website here: /resources/how-guides/RISE


Image CC-BY :  sagesolar