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There were lots of DCC presentations in the parallel sessions at IDCC today. To help you keep up with what’s new at DCC, here’s a quick summary.
Evaluating DMPonline

Press release from Society of American Archivists June 27 2013
Aligning National Approaches to Digital Preservation, edited by Dr. Nancy Y. McGovern (the volume editor) and Dr. Katherine Skinner (the series editor), is the recipient of the Preservation Publication Award given by the Society of American Archivists (SAA).

The issue of disciplinary metadata standards - what they are, who's using them, how to use them - has been gaining attention in the RDM community. To support this, the DCC has created a Disciplinary Metadata page for those who need help figuring out what standards might address their own needs.

Aligning National Approaches to Digital Preservation
Educopia Institute: 2012
On May 23-25 2012, more than 125 delegates from more than 20 countries gathered in Tallinn, Estonia, for the Aligning National Approaches to Digital Preservation conference. 
At the National Library of Estonia, this group explored how to create and sustain international collaborations to support the preservation of our digital cultural memory.

The report examines models and terminology already in use to describe digital curation, digital repositories, data lifecycles and data
processing. It summarizes the guidance provided by research funders, data centres and curation specialists on curating digital data,
alongside any requirements they impose. Finally, it provides a brief
overview of standards and tools of particular relevance to the ERIM
project, and draws lessons from the introduction of a new curation
policy at the World Data Center for Climate.