Survey on the Horizon 2020 FAIR DMP template

Sarah Jones | 28 June 2017
You may have seen the announcements about the survey OpenAIRE has released on the Horizon 2020 FAIR Data Management Plan template. We're looking for specific feedback to help us understand what works well and what doesn’t so recommendations can be put back to the European Commission. Since this is an open data pilot, it’s your opportunity to respond and help shape future policy. 
We've had over 170 responses so far, but want to increase the proportion of those who come from research community. Are you aware of researchers in your institution who have written a H2020 DMP, or have you done a review on one? If so, could you please pass the survey on and encourage them to respond? We'd be really grateful of your support and personal contacts to help us distribute this far and wide. We've extended the deadline until Friday 21st July to facilitate this.
OpenAIRE will publish a summary of the responses to the survey and recommendations on the project website. The survey results will also be used as an input to the FAIR data expert group, which will contribute to an evaluation of the Horizon 2020 DMP template and suggest future revisions.
You can see announcements of this on various fora e.g. the Research Data Alliance Active DMPs interest group. Please feel free to reuse the text.
Image: survey party CC-BY-NC-ND by m kasahara