Because good research needs good data

Training librarians for research data management and open science

Sarah Jones | 14 January 2015

There have been a number of training courses in recent years to help reskill librarians for research data management. These courses raise awareness of reasons to manage and share data, identify good practices to follow, and point to available tools and support. Perhaps most importantly they build confidence and help librarians to see how their existing skills and knowledge are highly-relevant to supporting researchers with data.

At IDCC15 we’ll be running a workshop with colleagues from the UK and the Netherlands who have experience of developing and running training for librarians. The workshop will showcase five training courses that are freely available to reuse. The aim is to raise awareness of existing materials, give participants ideas for reusing or combining the content, and share lessons to inform future training.

We’ll consider the librarian’s role in open science and discuss the skills gap to understand what topics need to be covered in courses and how. The course creators will also share their guidance from implementation to help others identify suitable models and run their own training.

Join us to compare notes and share your ideas so we can improve training for all.

The workshop runs from 9am-4pm on Wednesday 11th February and costs £100. Please check the event summary for the programme and a link to registration.