Because good research needs good data


Over the past decade, data-intensive research and Open Science have become the norm.

It’s been a while (16 months in fact!) since the DCC held an RDMF, and we’ve had a few requests from the community to provide a space for discussing challenges and sharing lessons on providing research data support. Hot on the heels of a trial at IDCC in Melbourne, we’re going to bring back the RDMF in an unconference format.

The all-colourful, disco-fantastic University of Melbourne Midsumma Pride March crew
Midsumma pride march CC-BY by Sarah Jones 
It’s fitting that this year’s IDCC conference kicked off for us with a trip to gay pride with our DMPTuuli colleagues f

The 14th International Digital Curation Conference is going to Melbourne in February 2019 and we have an exciting programme packed with workshops, papers, posters and demos. The theme of the conference is Collaborations and Partnerships: addressing the big digital challenges together.