'What's New' Issue 45: May 2012

Magdalena Getler | 15 May 2012

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) and Digital Curation Centre (DCC) are delighted to announce a new issue of our joint newsletter ‘What’s New’.

In the May issue:

WHAT'S ON: Forthcoming events from May 2012 onwards

WHAT'S NEW: New reports and initiatives since the last issue

WHAT'S WHAT: After Dark Archives, William Kilbride, DPC

I don't particularly like Tia Maria, so I guess I was disproportionately pleased the night I found a bottle secreted among the biology journals at Glasgow University Library. It made me really assiduous in checking references and it taught me the difference between searching and browsing. A great deal has changed in the provision of scholarly journals since then and the rows of journals are disappearing. Say what you like about the advantages of e-only provision, but it's a lot harder to stash booze in modern research library.

E-journals have some of the most sophisticated production workflows among the content types that DPC members regularly deal with. The problem is that libraries rent e-content instead of buying it and material is on-line not in-store. That means they need assurance of permanent access and preservation before they can commit their dwindling revenues to the purchase of e-journal collections - an argument that gets more compelling as budgets are stretched and publishers' margins get narrower. The risk of loss is real, and the impact is potentially very serious ... Read more

WHO'S WHO: Sixty second interview with Matthew Herring, University of York Library and Archives

Where do you work and what's your job title?

My job title is Digital Library Officer and I work for the University of York Library and Archives. I am part of a small team running York Digital Library (YODL), the University’s digital repository.

Tell us a bit about your organisation

The University of York is one of the top ten universities in the UK for teaching and research. It was founded in the 1960s and has some nice brutalist architecture. The Library, where I work, is part of the Information Directorate, which also includes the IT Services and Borthwick Institute for Archives.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

Mostly projects to get different collections of material into YODL. A big one is to make rare music recordings from the Music Department and Borthwick Institute available. These include classical recordings and jazz 78s. I have been involved in creating metadata profiles for this project. Other collections of material at the moment include the photographic archive of Vickers Instruments (York firm which made telescopes, microscopes and the like) and the digitised slide collection of the Department of Archaeology ... Read more

FEATURED PROJECT: Preserving Complex Visual Digital Objects: Experiences and results from the POCOS project, Leo Konstantelos, University of Portsmouth

YOUR VIEW?: Comments and views from readers