'What's New' Issue 46: June 2012

Magdalena Getler | 21 June 2012

The Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) and Digital Curation Centre (DCC) are delighted to announce a new issue of our joint newsletter ‘What’s New’.

In the June issue:

WHAT'S ON: Forthcoming events from June 2012 onwards

WHAT'S NEW: New reports and initiatives since the last issue

WHO'S HIRING: Job vacancies from DPC members

WHAT'S WHAT: Big data, big deal? Marieke Guy, DCC

The provocatively titled Eduserv symposium 2012: Big Data, Big Deal? provided a forum for IT professionals, and anyone responsible for managing research data or planning to work with big data in Higher Education, to discuss the meaning of big data and the challenges it presents.

Speakers from both the commercial and academic world came together to reflect on big data trends and the implications for research, learning, and operations in HE. 

Big data is considered to be data sets that have grown so large and complex that they present challenges to work with using traditional database management tools. The key factors are seen to be the "volume, velocity and variability" of the data (Edd Dumbill, O'Reilly Radar).

During the day some interesting key themes emerged:

We don't need to get hung up on the 'big' word.

While data is increasing exponentially (something a number of scary graphs indicated) this doesn't have to be an issue, we are getting more used to dealing with large scale data... Read more

WHO'S WHO: Sixty second interview with Neil Grindley, JISC

Where do you work and what's your job title?

I work for JISC and I’m the Programme Manager responsible for digital preservation and curation.

Tell us a bit about your organisation

JISC is a funding organisation that tries to ensure that UK universities are best placed to take advantage of innovative digital infrastructure, tools and methods. It does this via programmes of funded projects and in partnership with organisations both within and outside of the UK.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

JISC programmes are often quite extensive in scope but at the moment, the three related topics I’m tackling via commissioned projects are: the business case for digital preservation; the cost/value/benefit of digital preservation; and the sustainability of digital collections... Read more

FEATURED PROJECT: The 2012 Digital Preservation Awards, William Kilbride, DPC

YOUR VIEW?: Comments and views from readers