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Who will host IDCC18? It could be you!

Sarah Jones | 24 March 2017
Image: CC-BY-SA “Hand of God” by Jack  
The DCC is now inviting applications for bids to host its international digital curation conference (IDCC) in 2018 and beyond. 
Just a few weeks ago we welcomed over 265 participants from 30 different countries to Edinburgh, the home of the DCC, to discuss the latest research and practice in the curation of digital information. IDCC17 was a great success, and with your help, IDCC18 will be even better.
If you have a strong interest in digital curation and research data management and want to bring this exciting event to your local community, please submit a bid!
The deadline for applications to host IDCC18 in Europe or North America is Monday 24th April 2017 at 18:00 UTC. For those who want to express interest in hosting IDCC in future years, we ask that you follow the same process (as far as possible) and submit proposals by Monday 22nd May 2017. All proposals should be submitted to We will notify the successful bidder for IDCC18 of our decision by Friday 5th May. 
We’re excited to see where IDCC will go next year and look forward to your ideas about what you can bring to the conference.
So where will IDCC be in 2018? We’ll tell you in early Summer!