Standards - the Benefits of Conformance

Author: Sarah Higgins, Digital Curation Centre

Using standards can bring great benefits to the curation of digital materials at every stage of the lifecycle. Planning a framework of standards to implement, which will ensure the maintenance of authenticity, reliability, integrity and usability of digital material can ensure the maximisation of the investment in the creation of digital materials. Considering interoperability, in the context of a discipline or domain, can greatly enhance the current and future uses of digital material. Ensuring accessibility can increase users and the lifespan of the material. Discoverability depends on whether metadata is fit for purpose and of sufficient quality. Considering standards at the early stages of the curation lifecycle can reduce work later, ensuring that data are ready for long-term preservation.   

Key Points

  • The benefits of standards implementation across the curation lifecycle
  • Planning a standards framework  
  • Workflow for standards implementation
  • Using standards for interoperability
  • Using standards for accessibility
  • Using standards for discoverability
  • Using standards to ensure long-term preservation