Using the OAIS Reference Model for Curation

Sarah Higgins, University of Aberystwyth

OAIS (Open Archival Information Systems Reference Model — ISO 14721:2003) provides a generic conceptual framework for building a complete archival repository, and identifies the responsibilities and interactions of Producers, Consumers and Managers of both paper and digital records. 

This chapter of the manual will look at the processes it defines to ensure effective long-term preservation and access to information objects and the common language it defines to describe these.

It will look at the framework provided for successful curation; the functionality it identifies to achieve this and the mandatory responsibilities defined.

The chapter will also look at the benefits and long-term value of using the model for curation in terms of the forthcoming revision of the standard. Associated or derived standards, such as PAIMAS and current work in trust and certification, will be considered.

Key Points

  • Introduction to OAIS
  • The OAIS framework for curation
  • The functional model
  • The Information model
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Benefits of using OAIS
  • Associated standards and developments