Workshops for digital curators

Effective digital curation allows the sharing of curated data among researchers and relies upon the UK research community as a whole developing data curation and preservation skills. 

To stimulate knowledge sharing throughout the higher education sector, the DCC co-ordinates a range of advocacy services nationwide – among them, our hugely popular workshops series. 

Further your knowledge of data curation

DCC workshops may combine case studies, presentations and/or interactive breakout sessions to explore some of the more complex issues affecting digital curators today. 

Places at our workshops fill up fast, and it’s a case of first come, first served. Bookmark this page or subscribe to our RSS feed or mailing list to stay informed about forthcoming workshops – and be sure to sign up for a space quickly to avoid disappointment.

Developing Research Data Management Services

Amsterdam, 25 January 2017
As research data management is increasingly seen as a vital component of high-quality research, academics are looking to their institutions to provide support for activities which they lack the skills and resource to deliver themselves. The responsibility of institutions to provide support is being reflected in research funder mandates more explicitly. Coupled with this is the recognition that well-managed, visible research outputs, including data, are an asset both to researchers and their institutions.

Data management planning for researchers - University of Salford

2 July 2015
Research Councils and funding bodies are increasingly requiring evidence of adequate and appropriate provisions for data management and curation in new grant funding applications. This half-day workshop provides an introduction to data management planning and DMPonline.  By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

Introduction to research data management for researchers - University of Glasgow

Glasgow, 21 November 2014
Research Councils and funding bodies are increasingly requiring evidence of adequate and appropriate provisions for data management and curation in new grant funding applications. This half-day workshop provides an introduction to research data management and curation, the range of activities and roles that should be considered when planning and implementing new projects, and an overview of tools that can assist with curation activities.

Introduction to Research Data Management and Data Management Plans

Cardiff , 19 November 2014
An internal event run as part of the institutional engagement at Cardiff Metropolitan University. The morning session brought together staff from the research office, library & IT to discuss plans for an institutional RDM strategy. In the afternoon we held a training workshop for research administrators and researchers. This mainly focused on data management planning.

Digital Curation Webinars: we are running 3 webinars on a range of topics this April and May...

13 April - 27 May 2015
The DCC is running a series of free, online training sessions covering a wide range of curation-related topics. These brief sessions will last for one hour and will provide participants with an introduction to some of the current issues, some examples of emerging good practice and an overview of tools and approaches.

RDM and Data Management Planning

9 June 2015
Funding bodies increasingly require evidence of appropriate plans for data management and curation in new grant funding applications. This workshop will provide an overview to Data Management Planning and DMPonline, the DCC's web-based tool to help researchers write DMPs. We will give an introduction to Research Data Management and undertake a practical exercise on data management planning. Details will also be provided about RDM support available at the Open University. Objectives:

A postcard from the future: Tools and services from a perfect DMP world

20 February 2017
Data Management Plans (DMPs) are becoming commonplace across the globe, but opportunities are being missed to make the best use of the data and truly support researchers’ practices. What are DMPs being created for? And how can we improve the experience for all involved? This workshop will address ideas for making DMPs machine-actionable and integrating them with other tools and services to embed the DMP in existing workflows.

Advanced DMPonline: how to customise the tool for your institution

Glasgow, 23 November 2015
This course will explain how the DMPonline tool for Data Management Planning can be customised by institutions. You will be introduced to the concepts of templates and guidance used in the tool, and shown the range of options available for adding details of local requirements and support. The course will be based in a computer lab so the examples demonstrated can be tried out in practice.

Comparing Notes: Training Librarians for Research Data Management and Open Science Support

London , 11 February 2015
A full day train-the-trainer style workshop showcasing five training courses for liaison librarians and other support staff on research data management and open science. The aim is to raise awareness of existing materials, give participants ideas for reusing or combining the content, and to share lessons to inform future training courses. By sharing freely available training materials and advice on how they could be best implemented, the workshop will enable other librarians and support staff to run their own courses more easily.

Developing Research Data Management Services

Amsterdam, 22 February 2016
The session is aimed at librarians, researchers, administrators and technology support professionals who need to develop and advance their organisation’s support for research data management. Participants will gain practical knowledge about how to scope, implement, refine and sustain their RDM services along with pointers to useful free tools and resources.