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Research & Practice Papers

Research Papers

  • Amplifying Data Curation Efforts to Improve the Quality of Life Science Data - Mariam Alqasab , Suzanne Embury , Sandra de F. Mendes Sampaio. Organization: University of Manchester WINNER OF BEST PAPER AWARD
  • Documentation and visualisation of workflows for effective curation@source - Cerys Willoughby , Jeremy Frey
    Organization: University of Southampton
  • Research Transparency: A Preliminary Study of Disciplinary Conceptualisation, Drivers, Tools and Support Services -
    Liz Lyon , Wei Jeng , Eleanor Mattern. Organization: University of Pittsburgh RUNNER-UP OF BEST PAPER AWARD

Practice Papers

  • A Framework for the Preservation of a Docker Container - Iain Emsley , David De Roure. Organization: University of Oxford
  • Are the FAIR Data Principles fair? - Alastair Dunning , Madeleine de Smaele , Jasmin Bohmer. Organization: TU Delft
  • Assessing the FAIRness of Datasets in Trustworthy Digital Repositories: A Proposal - Peter Doorn , Ingrid Dillo. Organization: DANS
  •  Building Tools to Support Active Curation: Lessons Learned from SEAD - Dharma Akmon1, Inna Kouper2, Margaret Hedstrom1 , James D. Myers1,  Anna Ovchinnikova1 Organizations: 1: University of Michigan; 2: Indiana University
  • Choose your own research data management guidance - Alexander Ball1, Kellie Snow2, Peter Obee3, Greg Simpson4
    Organizations: 1: University of Bath, United Kingdom; 2: University of Bristol, United Kingdom; 3: Cardiff University, United Kingdom; 4: University of Exeter
  • Connecting data publication to the research workflow: a preliminary analysis - Sünje Dallmeir-Tiessen1, Varsha Khodiyar2, Fiona Murphy3, Amy Nurnberger4, Lisa Raymond5, Angus Whyte6. Organizations: 1: CERN; 2: Springer Nature; 3: University of Reading; 4: Columbia University; 5: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; 6: Digital Curation Centre
  • Creating a Community of Data Champions - Rosie Higman. Organization: University of Cambridge
  • Curating Humanity's Research Data: Managing Workflows for Adjusting a Repository Framework - Hagen Peukert. Organization: University of Hamburg
  • Curation after the fact: Practical and ethical challenges of archiving legacy evaluation data - Ruth Geraghty. Organization: Centre for Effective Services, Ireland
  • Data Curation for Community Science: CHIME Pilot Study - Ayoung Yoon , Lydia Spotts , Andrea Copeland. Organization: Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Data Curation Readiness for Biocollections -  Carolyn Hank, Bradley Wade Bishop. Organization: University of Tennessee
  • Developing a digital archive for symbolic resources in urban environments - the Latina Project - Robert Harland , Antonia Liguori , Gareth John Cole. Organization: Loughborough University
  • Developing Data Curation Protocols for Digital Projects at Vanderbilt: Une Microhistoire - Veronica Ikeshoji-Orlati , Clifford Anderson
    Organization: Vanderbilt University
  • DIY Academic Archiving: The ethics, politics and practicalities of making open qualitative data with Omeka - Niamh Moore , Nikki Dunne , Mary Hanlon , Martina Karels. Organization: University of Edinburgh
  • Encouraging and Facilitating Laboratory Scientists to Curate at Source - Cerys Willoughby , Jeremy Frey. Organization: University of Southampton
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Data Management Training: DataONE’s Survey Instrument - Chung-Yi Hou1, Heather Soyka2, Viv Hutchison3, Isis Serna2, Chris Allen2, Amber Budden2. Organizations: 1: National Center for Atmospheric Research/University Corporation for Atmospheric Research; 2: DataONE/University of New Mexico; 3: U.S. Geological Survey
  • Frictionless Data: Making Research Data Quality Visible - Daniel Fowler , Jo Barratt. Organization: Open Knowledge International
  • How Valid Is Your Validation? A Closer Look Behind The Curtain Of JHOVE - Michelle Lindlar1, Yvonne Tunnat2 - Organizations: 1: TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology; 2: ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics
  • Information Integration for Actionable Data Management Plans - Tomasz Miksa1, Andreas Rauber2, Raman Ganguly3, Paolo Budroni4
    Organizations: 1: SBA Research / University of Vienna; 2: Vienna University of Technology; 3: University of Vienna; 4: University of Vienna
  •  Integration of an active research data system with a data repository to streamline the research data lifecycle: Pure-NOMAD case study - Federica Fina1, Tomas Lebl2, Shyam Reyal3, Anna Clements1, Michalis Psalios3, Simone Conte3
    Organizations: 1: University of St Andrews Library; 2: School of Chemistry, University of St Andrews; 3: School of Computer Science, University of St Andrews
  • Introducing safe access to sensitive data at the University of Bristol - Debra Hiom , Stephen Gray , Kirsty Merrett , Damian Steer , Kellie Snow , Zosia Beckles. Organization: University of Bristol
  • Is Democracy the Right System? Collaborative Approach to Building an Engaged RDM Community - Marta Teperek. Organization: University of Cambridge
  • Library Carpentry: building software skills for librarianship - Jeremy Cope1, James Baker2. Organizations: 1: University of Sheffield ; 2: University of Sussex
  • Mobilising a nation: Research Data Management (RDM) Education and Training in South Africa (SA) - Lessons Learned - Heila Pienaar1, Refiloe Matlatse2, Martie van Deventer3. Organizations: 1: University of Pretoria; 2: Ernst & Young; 3: CSI
  • Navigating Unmountable Media with the Digital Forensics XML File System - Alex Nelson1, Alexandra Chassanoff2, Alexandra Holloway3
    Organizations: 1: National Institute of Standards and Technology; 2: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries; 3: Jet Propulsion Laboratory / California Institute of Technology
  •  Next-Generation Data Management Plans: Global, Machine-Actionable, FAIR - Stephanie Simms1, Sarah Jones2
    Organizations: 1: California Digital Library; 2: Digital Curation Centre
  • Orchestrating Cloud Infrastructures to Manage Sensitive Data - Nicholas Weber1,2, Sebastian Karcher2, Sebastian Ostrowski2, Alex Ivanov2. Organizations: 1: University of Washington, Seattle; 2: Qualitative Data Repository
  • Policy implementation at Leiden University - Fieke Schoots1, Laurents Sesink11 Floor Frederiks2, Peter Verhaar1
    Organizations: 1: University Libraries, Leiden; 2: University Leiden
  • Researcher training in spreadsheet curation - Gene Lyddon Melzack. Organization: The University of Sydney
  • Reuse for Research. Curating Astrophysical Datasets for Future Use - Anders Sparre Conrad1, Rasmus Handberg2, Michael Svendsen1. Organizations: 1: The Royal Library, Denmark; 2: University of Aarhus
  • Revealing the Detailed Lineage of Script Outputs using Hybrid Provenance - Qian Zhang1, Yang Cao1, Qiwen Wang2, Duc Dv3, Priyaa Thavasimani4, Timothy McPhillips1, Paolo Missier4, Bertram Ludäscher1 Organizations: 1: School of Information Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; 2: Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; 3: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago; 4: School of Computing Science, Newcastle University
  • Sharing selves: Developing an ethical framework for curating social media data - Sara Mannheimer1, Elizabeth Hull2
     Organizations: 1: Montana State University; 2: Dryad
  • Setting up a National Research Data Curation Service for Qatar: Challenges and Opportunities - Arif Shaon , Armin Straube , Krishna Roy Chowdhury. Organization: Qatar National Library
  • Standardising and harmonising research data policy in scholarly publishing - Iain Hrynaszkiewicz1, Aliaksandr Birukou2, Mathias Astell3, Sowmya Swaminathan3, Amye Kenall1, Varsha Khodiyar4 Organizations: 1: Springer Nature; 2: Springer-Verlag GmbH; 3: Nature Research; 4: Scientific Data
  • The changing influence of journal data sharing policies on local RDM practices - Dylanne Dearborn , Steve Marks , Leanne Trimble Organization: University of Toronto
  • Tuuli project accelerating data management planning in Finnish research organizations - Minna Ahokas1, Mari Elisa Kuusniemi2
    Organizations: 1: CSC, IT Center for Science Ltd; 2: Helsinki University Library
  • Weaving Together Preservation and Active Research - Sayeed Choudhury1, Rick Johnson2, Jeffrey Spies3, David Wilcox4
    Organizations: 1: Johns Hopkins University; 2: Notre Dame University; 3: Center for Open Science; 4: DuraSpace
  • When Scientists Become Social Scientists: How Citizen Science Projects Learn About Volunteers - Peter Darch. Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign